Lloyd’s Liquid Sunshines was founded on the principle that bespoke single cask bottlings of quality spirits – especially scotch whisky and rum – should be made accessible to enthusiasts without the complexity and high costs of individual cask ownership.

Whether you’re a novice or connoisseur, through our whisky, rum and other spirits syndicates we can help you build your bespoke spirits collection that best fits your taste, one bottling at a time. Each bottling will be unique.

We are transparent about the full cost per finished bottle so that you can make an informed decision when underwriting a syndicate. We will then take care of processing, labelling and delivery of your bottles to final destination.

As an underwriter of a specific bottling, you can choose to have your name listed among the syndicate members on the back of each bottle.


For years we hunted around for special quality whiskies and every time we found one we rounded up friends and persuaded or cajoled or strong armed them into joining us to make a purchase. Eventually we decided to inject some method into our enterprising and so we set up a company to pursue our passion. We therefore had to find a name for our company and we decided that we wanted one that somehow conveyed our feeling for our first love – whisky – but not to the detriment of other spirits much appreciated by us.

The great playwright G.Bernard Shaw came to our assistance: his quote “whisky is liquid sunshine” matched the essence of our feelings and so Lloyd’s Liquid Sunshines was named.


Over the years our passion for whisky in particular as well as other premium spirits has led us to discover and sometimes purchase single casks of very high quality, not commercially available. However, the cost and bureaucratic complexities involved make this method of purchase increasingly difficult to implement.

We therefore decided to adopt a system that historically has been much used in Scotland, i.e. the syndicate, whereby a group of individuals join forces to promote or achieve a common interest, which in our case is the acquisition of premium spirits available (not commercially) in quantities exceeding individual purchasing ability.